Our Qualifications

Growing up I was always fascinated by the markets and investments.  I have also always wanted to help people.  So when I graduated from Texas Christian University in 2002, I decided to start my career as a financial advisor at UBS PaineWebber, now UBS Wealth Management.  While at TCU, I learned that this industry was changing dramatically and I wanted a first class seat to see and understand that direction.

The game had changed.  Financial Advisors were no longer considered stockbrokers, now considered a derogatory term. You could no longer throw darts at the Wall St. Journal and hit a winner.  It was no longer a Buy & Hold game - investing in US stocks.  There was a new and polished design in wealth management and UBS offered the best training in the world.   Wealth management is and now will forever be GLOBAL.   Anything and everything that happens anywhere in the world can affect you and me at home on "Main St.”  

At Michero Wealth Managementwe focus on every pixel in the "big picture".  We bring together your immediate & long term needs, goals and time horizon to discover what amount of capital and risk is needed to achieve them.   By incorporating your complex needs, goals, and current investment strategy and portfolio(s) into Riskalyze, we can find your "RISK NUMBER” and the risk number of your current portfolio(s) to see if they match.  More than often they do not. Your risk number breaks it down into the true dollar amount you are willing to lose in a 6 month timeframe.

Now that I am further along in my career, I have moved from the big wire houses, UBS and Merrill Lynch, to the independent side.  It is best for my clients and me.  We are truly free to work within an open architecture platform.   No push for proprietary products and services. We do what is best for the clients. We have access to any and every money manager or insurance company.  If they can be a bridge to helping you get where you and your family/business want to be, then we use them.


7, 66, Group 1 Life & Health Insurances, P&C

Previous Firms:

UBS Wealth Management

Merrill Lynch

Mullins Wealth Advisors


Texas Christian University (’02) BBA in Finance.